Jack Regas Memorial





Waughop Lake
Waughop Lake Loop, Lakewood, WA 98498, USA


May 18 2019


All Day



Jack Regas Memorial

ERCU Championship Series – Race #4

It is our intent to have the course set by 8:30 a.m., so that testing can commence once boats are registered for the event. With the possibility that there may be new boats that need to be inspected, or rookie drivers who may need to take a driving test, please plan to arrive early on Saturday morning.  The water will be open for testing until 9:30, with the drivers meeting set to begin at 9:45 and modern heat 1A to follow the drivers meeting. Remember that there is no electricity at the pond and everyone will need to use a generator.

New Drivers

ERCU always welcomes new members to the club, and visiting racers from other clubs. If a rookie driver needs to be qualified, we will close the course during the test session for the rookie driving test as often is as necessary. The full procedure for rookie qualifications, and for visiting drivers, is in the rulebook, see below).

2019 Rules

Please everyone, review the rulebook as is posted on the ERCU website, available under the Resources tab. The Contest Director/Chief Referee will make every effort to be sure that officiating is consistent with the rules as published on the website, and that every effort is made to assure consistency in officiating. The Board respectfully requests that all racers review the rulebook before the event.

Here are a few things to remember:

  1. Hold your lane. There should be 2 feet between you and the boats on either side of you.
  2. Safely switch lanes. There should be 6 boat lengths (18 feet) between you and the boat behind you, before switching lanes.
  3. Boats on the course have the right of way. If you are entering the course, wait for boats already on the course to clear you before entering. If you are entering the back stretch from the middle of the course during the mill, yield to the boats on the course and enter safely behind them.
New Boats

As noted above, it is possible that there will be new boats in the pits that need to be inspected. We ask that you print out the 2019 Hull Inspection Form , found on the Resources tab, and complete the member information at the top of page one prior to arriving at the race site. Please also remember to bring a photo of the real boat (a photo on your phone or tablet is acceptable) that your boat models, Robbie Roberts, ERCU technical inspector, and Kerry Kjos, scale inspector, will be inspecting new boats over the first few races, and having these resources will make it easier for all.

Race Format
  • Four preliminary heats of five laps each for modern & vintage classes

  • First and second connies for modern and vintage (depending on total boat count for each class)

  • First connie winner advances to the final as a trailer. Second connie winner advances to the first connie as a trailer

  • Second place boat in the first connie is an alternate to the final

  • Winner-take-all championship finals for modern and vintage



We'd love to have you come race with us!

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