UPDATED: 9-05-2018


 District Race - September 29th at Twin Lakes.

This will be a one day race on Satruday with 2 laps on Sunday

Gate opens at 7:00am with Open Water around 9:00am.

Pre-Registration thru the Web Site will close on Friday September 28th at Noon.

If you wish to enter a District 8 legal class that is not listed please use the comments section. 2 paid entries will make a class.


          Name:    NAMBA#: 




        20-Stock                    40-Stock               

        20-Mono                  Sport 20             

        40-Hydro                 40-Mono         

    Open Novice                1/2 A Hydro         

20-Stock Kneeler             P Limited Tunnel  

    P Limited Hydro    


     40-ModTunnel               Sport 60               

            Sport 40              Open Hydro           

      20-ModTunnel           Open Gas         

            20-Hydro                  Sport 18        

        Gas Thunder          Open Novice